Mentoring an Eastside Academy Student

Strengthens educational focus and motivation

On average, students with mentors at EA increased their GPA twice as much as students without mentors

Provides students with healthy guidance and support in daily challenges and struggles

Students with mentors better manage their sobriety and increase their clean time.

Improves a student’s attitude towards parents, employers, and teachers

Students begin to understand the importance of trusting, listening, and valuing adult feedback.

Expands student’s perspective and creates opportunities

Students with mentors can see the possibilities for careers and college and are more likely to follow through with post-high school plans.

EA Mentor Expectations

  • Belief in and obedience to Jesus Christ
  • Every Mentor receives initial and on-going mentor training through: Orientation, Mentor Forums, the EA Mentor
  • Manual and personal support
  • Each Mentor is prayerfully matched with a student
  • Mentors are to be consistent and dependable in the relationship with their student
  • Mentors commit an average of 2 hours per week to their student, including weekly lunches
  • Mentors make a one year commitment to the program
  • Students may be paired with two mentors. Mentors may work in tandem or independently, giving the student the opportunity to get to know two people as well as offering flexibility to mentors