Eastside Academy is a non-profit alternative high school and treatment program located in Bellevue, WA. We serve our state’s most marginalized youth, most of whom have faced unimaginable struggles. We offer students a comprehensive range of services under one roof – their school. Eastside Academy raises the funds needed for these teens to attend our school and turn their lives around.
Originally founded by Christa Ministries, Eastside Academy became an independent non-profit in 2001, when the school was relocated from Seattle to the Eastside. A handful of teachers knocked on doors, and Bellevue Presbyterian Church opened their space and hearts to EA. Since that time, we’ve offered education and comprehensive services to families at a sliding scale of affordability. Here they receive academic support, addiction recovery, mental health counseling, and mentor relationships. We also operate two residential homes for youth who need shelter and stability. Since most of our students come from poverty and low-income households, youth attend our program at a sliding-scale cost that is made affordable to their family.
This unique model of care has enabled hundreds of teens to graduate from high school and make transformative changes to their lives. Our graduation rate is over 90%, and our students have successfully gone on to college, vocational programs, and careers. Many of our alumni continue to be served by EA through scholarships, tutoring, counseling, career guidance, and more.