Recovery Support

While our Recovery groups have a strong emphasis on drug and alcohol addiction support, we realize that many of our students face a different set of challenges. We desire to serve the needs of all of our students. Therefore, we have designed our Recovery groups to address the broader range of difficulties faced by our students.
Some of the struggles Eastside Academy students enter with may include: anxiety, depression, abuse, self-harm, trauma, anger, interpersonal conflict, eating disorders, and impulse control. These issues are addressed alongside drug and alcohol addiction in our Recovery groups as part of our holistic model of care.

Our unique approach focuses not only on the student’s physical need to stay drug-free, but also addresses the spiritual and mental health components necessary to promote authentic progress. The Recovery groups are designed to optimize peer support and provide a place that each student can be honest and receive honest feedback.

The Recovery Program incorporates a team approach that works closely with student families and other Eastside Academy staff. The goal of these supports is to help a student in their progress towards sobriety, academic success, spiritual growth, and overall health. We believe the more people invest in a student's progress, the more likely they are to achieve success.

To learn more about our Recovery Program, contact Kristen Wong,  our Director of Counseling and Recovery.